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Traditional Broker Services

The reason why founders and manufacturers often choose to use a broker is to save themselves money. Brokers have numerous connections with local and national buyers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. It is much easier to deal with one food broker with lots of connections than it is to deal with representatives from every possible founder.

As a natural product broker and marketing agency with many years of experience, Green Rep Exchange offers a wide breadth of knowledge to support brand growth. Our team can provide various services, deep contact connections, and great representation to help you achieve your goals.

What type of products do we represent? We represent vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based products that promote health and wellness and are environmentally friendly. Our simple philosophy is: “If we won’t eat it or use it, we will not promote or sell it.” We like to work with founders that share the same ideals.

Channels We Work With

How we work

We are a traditional natural products broker, calling on buyers from retail and distribution accounts.  

Green Rep Exchange utilizes four methods to promote and sell your products and services.

Direct to Retailer

We try to go directly to the retailer, whether small or large. This is always our preferred method, especially with large retailers, but we will use distribution where necessary.

Inside Sales Reps

We start with our own Green Rep Exchange and inside salespeople before engaging any independent salespeople.


We work with small, medium, and large distributors nationwide and some internationally to get your brand the quickest rollout into accounts.

Independent Broker/Reps

We utilize independent broker reps nationwide to fill gaps needing additional coverage and relationships.


Accounts We Have Sold To

As Seen on Shark Tank

Rule Breaker Snacks

Rule Breaker Snacks has distribution already in UNFI and KEHE, and are looking to expand their product line into the non-traditional accounts not necessarily covered by those distributors, hence their new partnership with Green Rep Exchange to achieve this goal.

Trade Shows

Green Rep Exchange will participate in multiple trade shows and allow our vendors to share the cost of the booth, bringing the price down for each individual vendor.

Choose The Event

You can choose an upcoming show you are interested in from among the available shows Green Rep Exchange has listed on the calendar.

Booth Payment

All funds must be paid before the event to secure your booth spot with Green Rep Exchange.

Supplier Participation

Depending on the cost of the show and the size of the available booths, anywhere from 2-5 suppliers can participate.

what our Suppliers have to say!

what our Distributors have to say!

"We worked with Green Rep Exchange to bring some new lines into Seven Eleven. The products moved great and received much attention from the higher-ups in Seven Eleven. We are always interested in what new items Green Rep has to introduce to our distribution network."

Deidre Pauldo

Deli Buyer, Fresh-Pro Food Distributors

what our Retailers have to say!

"We used to have a 20-foot wall filled with a few types of snacks, but when Green Rep Exchange came on board, they changed everything. They started bringing in various products we have yet to hear of, increasing our snack and beverage sales tenfold.  We quickly brought them into other stores to do the same thing; the partnership was extremely fruitful, love Green Rep Exchange."

Victor Garcia

Manager, Smoothie King

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