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Retail Business

Green Rep Exchange cut its teeth by walking and riding on trains and buses all over the Northeast, cold calling on retail businesses of all sorts. We consider the diversity of our business channels as one of our greatest strengths. We have dealt with large chains, health food stores, smoothie bars, food service accounts, newsstands, airports, small yoga studios, gyms, and much more.

We spent 13 years beating the streets, building businesses head-to-head with retailers. We had great success building some of the largest brands you know today before they became well-known. We know how to create deals from nothing and close deals when opportunities arise.  

Unlike many other brokers, we are not interested in your sales today; this will not decide whether we work with a brand. Based on our experience, we believe we can build your brand into a powerhouse if we choose you. We have done it more times than we can count, and if we decide to work with a brand, we know we can do it again.

How we work with retailers

Green Rep Exchange will work within its retail network of contacts to take your brand to the next level, getting you in front of buyers and, of course, on the shelves of their retail locations.

Featured Suppliers

Crafty Weka Bar

Made with real, clean ingredients, we love that our bars are crafted to show exactly what’s inside.  

We’re strong believers that you can taste the difference in a product that’s made the old-fashioned way. That’s why we make our bars in small batches, ensuring your Crafty Weka Bar is of the highest quality, time and time again.

Mr. Crumbles

Two soft & chewy, plant-based cookies filled with our signature vanilla cream. 100% Plant-Based. 100% Delectable.


Case study

OTG Management

When we first sold to OTG Management, they had no real natural product selection in their accounts worth talking about. We were the first to launch a serious natural product program for their airport locations nationwide, starting with Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.

We sold multiple brands through Island Natural Distributors (now purchased by Nassau Candy). We were the first to sell Naked Juice into their locations using the Long Island Naked Juice Distributor, and we also sold direct brands like Macro Vegetarian, Sunneen Health Foods, etc.

We are very proud of the start we gave these brands in their selection of natural products, which you now see in many locations around the country, giving travelers great healthy choices while traveling through the airports.

Today OTG Management has continued its commitment to having healthy choices throughout its locations and the country, realizing they can provide great healthy options for the traveling public and grow its bottom line, a win-win for the public and OTG Management.

What our Retailers have to say!

"As a regional manager for GNC I would have at least 5-10 stores in Manhattan to look after. I would basically let Green Rep Exchange go from store to store to find out what the store's customers were asking for, and they would source the products for us. Always a great partner to work with."
Mohamed Raman
Regional Manager
"We have purchased products through the salespeople from Green Rep Exchange for many years. They always have a wide variety of cutting-edge products, which are not found in retailers initially, allowing us to be first to market, with new innovative healthy brands that please our customers."
Kuma Das
"Whenever I want products I cannot find in the GNC warehouse, I always call Green Rep Exchange to see if they can find them and to get them to us as quickly as possible. They are always fast to get it done, not a bunch of red tapes. They will do it for us if it can be done. Chain-wide or individual stores, they are the best direct purchase company GNC has worked with."
Trevor Hamilton
“We used to have a 20-foot wall filled with a few types of snacks, but when Green Rep Exchange came on board, they changed everything. They started bringing in various products we had never heard of and increased our snack and beverage sales tenfold. We quickly brought them into our other stores to do the same thing. The partnership was extremely fruitful, love Green Rep Exchange.”
Victor Garcia

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