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Working With Distributors

Working with distributors is vital to Green Rep Exchange’s strategy for growing brands, we spent 13 years selling for Island Natural Distributor (purchased by Nassau Candy Distribution). We believe this gives us a unique perspective when it comes to working with distributors to get your brand into the marketplace. We know the ins and out when it comes to making sure you are not paying for things you don’t need and avoiding distributors that would not be a good fit for your brand in your current status, whether it is because of exorbitant fees or the wrong mix of accounts or just a history of poor performance, our experience has you covered.

Featured Suppliers

Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker Bites start with chickpeas (they are the first ingredient) and are packed with protein and fiber, have less sugar and are available in three delicious everyday flavors plus some great seasonal ones


We are committed to providing you with the best all natural nutrition products. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and use natural ingredients if we can’t source organic.


Case study

Island Natural Distribution

Green Rep Exchange started its early sales career being an independent sink-or-swim commission-only sales rep for Island Natural Distribution (purchased by Nassau Candy Distribution), where only the strong survived. We did not only survive, we thrived for 13 years and had more sales than all the other independent reps combined. 

We opened GNC nationally, CVS, OTG, Whole Foods Markets, a host of independent health food stores, The Lobby Shops, office buildings, coffee shops, restaurants, airports, food service accounts, colleges, and the list goes on and on and on.  Those 13 years were the foundation for where we are now, and we would not trade them for anything. 

Working through Island Natural, we were privileged to work with some of the brands that are household names today,. still, when we met them, they were not so big such as Kind Bars, Vitamin Water, Vita Coco, Traditional Medicinal, Kiss My Face, Toms Of Main, Cliff Bars, and much, much more.

 We believe our early beginnings and the road we took to get here working in that sink-or-swim environment, working with so many brands in their infancy, has prepared us to handle both emerging and established eco-friendly brands, and to get them to the next level.

What our Distibutors have to say!

"This is the second distribution company I have worked for in the last 14 years, and both Blue Sky Natural now Nassau Candy are always happy to see what Green Rep Exchange has to bring to the table; good company, good people."
Bruce Birenbaum
Food Service Sales Manager, Nassau Candy
"I meet with the salespeople from Green Rep Exchange at least once or twice a month to review product lines, from food to health & beauty. Much of our portfolio has been sourced from them. Great job!"
Sam Yun
Owner YP Natural
"We worked with Green Rep Exchange to bring some new lines into Seven Eleven. The products moved great and received much attention from the higher-ups in Seven Eleven. We are always interested in what new items Green Rep has to introduce to our distribution network."
Deidre Pauldo
Deli Buyer, Fresh-Pro Food Distributors
"It is always a pleasure to hear from Green Rep Exchange; they were the first to discover products like Emmy's Organics and Go Macro, which we placed in Whole Foods Markets, among many other accounts. I have known them since they sold for Island Natural distributor; they were great then and are still the same many years later. They have an excellent eye for tomorrow's winners when it comes to products."
Barry Witrock,
Sales Manager, Snack Tree International

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