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About Us

Green Rep Exchange

Green Rep Exchange came about after seen no real healthful choices in our schools and institutions. Green Rep Exchange is a natural products broker, representing high quality natural products, with extensive connections in the natural products industry and food service industry. Specializing in alternative markets for natural products.

We have extensive distributors and retailers nation wide. Our distributors do not just serve the natural product industry but service a wide variety of markets that go beyond the natural products industry, such as colleges, hospitals, schools, coops, corporate cafeterias, churches, etc.

Green Rep Exchange is meeting head- on the growing demand from institutions such as colleges, hospitals, schools, restaurants, office buildings, etc. and regular health food businesses, for natural and organic products to be served in their places of business. Green Rep Exchange finds great products and the distribution to get them to the door of your business.

Our core values are to be found in our ‘Eight Laws of Health‘, these drive our business standards, product choices and business relationships.

Unlike many brokers who represent products simply because they can, Green Rep Exchange will only represent products that are truly natural, ethical and good for you, your customers and the environment