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Whether you are a small startup or a prominent manufacturer, you can work with Green Rep Exchange and reach a dedicated group of independent manufacturer sales representatives who are experienced and successful at what they do. Our company serves the natural products Industry and can help you reach hundreds of qualified independent manufacturer sales representatives, to help push your brand to the next level.

Our salespeople can quickly start selling for you! The majority of our reps have established relationships with buyers. They are selling to those buyers now and seeking additional complementary lines to sell into their channels. The prospecting and building the sales channel is already done. It is easy for our reps to ask his/her buyer to look at your line. If you are ready to work with reps and their customers, sales can start very quickly.

Benefits of established sales relationships:

Our qualified sales reps already have trusted relationships with their buyers. They know which ones are your best target market, plus you gain more objective feedback and product evaluation—invaluable market intelligence from your sales rep. Use Green Rep Exchange to reach the right salespeople for your brand, just sit back and Green Rep Exchange will connect your brand with the right broker-Reps

sales Reps Nationally

Find Reps Nationally

We maintain a large database of independent manufacturer sales representatives who are experienced and successful at what they do. The Rep database covers most channels  and can help you reach hundreds of qualified independent manufacturer sales representatives at your own pace.

Additional Services

Some of our brokers and sales reps have many other services that can help promote and grow your brand.

Sales Rep

Case study

Bruce Birenbaum

Working with broker/sales reps has been a crucial part of the growth of Green Rep Exchange. When we first met Bruce Birenbaum, he was working as a sales rep for Big Sky Natural (now purchased by Nassau Candy Distribution). We set up a meeting in a car park so l could bring him samples of the lines we were representing at the time, these included Macro Vegetarian, Sunneen Health Foods, Emmy’s Macaroons and GoMacro Bars. Bruce wasted no time quickly expanding our brands in multiple Whole Foods, college accounts, Big Y Supermarket chain, and many others. 

We were able to utilize the relationships Bruce and Big Sky Naturals had developed over the years and we received the benefit of those relationships in a matter of weeks, with no additional cost to the brands we represent. These are the types of relationships that we have forged with many of our broker/sales reps throughout the years.

Bruce showed exceptional creativity to get short shelve life products like Macro Vegetarian into Whole Foods Market in the Midwest by creating a deal with Sysco Distribution to basically piggyback on their deliveries to Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest. Bruce is still with Nassau Candy Distribution (they purchased Big Sky Naturals) as their food service Sales Manager, and we still maintain a great relationship today.

Thanks Bruce.

ShopRite logo.svg-150x150

ShopRite Supermarket Presentation

Bruce making a presentation of the Macro Vegetarian brand to ShopRite supermarket chain in their test kitchen.

Whole Foods Market Salad Bar

Bruce opened up many Whole Foods in the Northeast, and he created signs for the Macro Vegetarian brand to be displayed in the salad bars in the different locations, doing what is necessary to get the sales going.

What our Sale Reps have to say!

"I have known and worked with Green Rep Exchange for many years. I was one of the owners of Primal Foods, and I am now a consultant and an advisor to many brands, and I highly recommend Green Rep Exchange to them all."
Michael Hoare
Brand Management
"I have sold and made many presentations of the brands Green Rep Exchange represents. I can always find good clean brands to sell on Green Rep Exchange."
Peter Hammer
Sales Representative

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