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about Elisabeth Burrow - Founder, President, Chief Roaster In 2010 my partner moved to a farm outside Fergus. People thought that I won’t last. They thought the person they saw every day was the loud, smiley city woman they worked with. That person was me, but not the whole of me. My kindred spirit the seniors that I've met over the course of my career, they knew that I’m going to love it. Well, they were right. I returned to my adventurous roots. I explored every nook and cranny of my farm, my county, and other areas too. I reconnected to my roots of feeling touching sense. My joy in creating returned with the force of a tornado. I worked with my hands growing vegetables and flowers until I did some research and found out maybe just maybe I could grow nuts. Little did I realize that, yes we could grow nuts. So my partner and I planted 150 nuts and fruit trees in 2013. At the same time, we were receiving the families' annual jars of maple syrup. I don’t really like syrup it was a little too sweet for me, but it was really good at masking the flavour of the nuts I was buying. So I started working the recipe over and over again in my head until finally, I created my paten process for roasting nuts. I found I had a knack and a joy for roasting and creating flavored nuts naturally. This was when Jewels Under the Kilt was born.